Pet friendly Vail

Vail Valley, Colorado’s Activities

Vail welcomes pets! You’ve come to the perfect location if you need help deciding where and how to stay, travel, or enjoy a meal. The lowdown on your top pet-friendly hotels, activities, and restaurants in Vail. Are you looking for a Pet friendly Vail experience in Colorado’s Vail Valley? Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of activities in the lovely Vail Valley.

Hiking or snowshoeing is two popular winter activities.

A weary dog is a happy dog. We will thank you if you take him on your next hiking or snowshoeing expedition. Don’t forget to bring some goodies and water for them. In the Valley, there are several trails to choose from. Please keep in mind that Forest Service Trails need your dog to be on a leash.

The Eagle-Vail Trail is a popular hiking route in Colorado.

Pet friendly Vail

This well-kept track begins in old-growth Aspen woodland, which is a residents’ favorite. This route is at its most magnificent in the fall when you surrounded by golden aspen leaves, but it is well-used by residents all year, making it accessible and gorgeous in the summer and winter. This path has two main branches and is an out and back. After approximately a mile, you’ll come to a halt.

Vail’s stores are so go shopping!

We can’t comment on each business, but Vail is in principle. Most establishments provide water dishes for your dog outside and will welcome you to bring your dog inside. Take your camera and take a quick family shot along the mountain or near Gore Creek. If you have time, stop by Gorsuch and check if one of their famous Bernese Mountain dogs is available for a pat and a smell.

The trail to Upper Piney Lake

Pets are welcome on the Upper Piney Lake Trail. Starting at Piney Lake and concluding at Upper Piney River Falls, this 5.9-mile trek winds its way through the Colorado wilderness. Dogs allowed on the path but must keep on a leash at all times. Piney River Ranch has plenty of parking.