What must be considered in terms of safety when vaping?

too much when vaping

In recent years there have been repeated reports in the media that have described the risks of e-cigarettes in very clear and sometimes exaggerated terms. The dangers ranged from formaldehyde to exploding batteries. These reports are not made out of thin air, but in the end they could always be traced back to incorrect and negligent use.

E-cigarettes pose no greater risk than any other item that surrounds us on a daily basis and, if used properly, will not make your life difficult. Nevertheless, please always observe the following safety instructions:

Purchase only from reputable dealers

The electronic cigarette market has grown rapidly in recent years. Unfortunately, this always attracts uninvited guests who want to earn quick money with counterfeit products cloning and inferior goods. These black sheep do a large part of the damage to the reputation of the industry and in doing so also accept health risks for the consumer. Therefore, when shopping, please pay close attention to who you are doing business with, regardless of whether it is liquid or hardware.

E-cigarettes are always delivered with a certificate of authenticity. This also means that the devices have passed appropriate security checks and can be used without risk.

too much when vaping

With the cbd vape juice, you should pay attention to whether and how the ingredients are specified. Serious manufacturers and dealers place great value on transparency and, of course, the health of their customers.

Current e-cigarettes have internal protective measures, so that short circuits or deep discharge of the battery are actually no longer an issue. Of course, as with all other valuables, you should ensure that your e-cigarette is used properly. This prevents risks and extends the life of the e-cigarette.

Many mods do not have built-in batteries. If you need an additional battery for your new e-cigarette, please make sure that it is suitable for use in e-cigarettes. The wrong battery will usually not explode the e-cigarette directly, but the electronics can be destroyed. If you are not sure about which battery to choose, please contact our competent and friendly customer service at any time.

All types of liquids are also available completely without nicotine. This level is also what smokers should aim for in the long term. The e-cigarette as a support in smoking cessation plays a very important role. This makes it important to take a suitable dose of nicotine with you, especially at the beginning.

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