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Without a doubt, Direct Marketing becomes a very powerful tool for our strategy, with the combination of different personalized elements aimed at a previously defined audience, they will allow you to attract new customers and retain current ones. Talk to a professional for wellness marketing.

Offer rewards to get answers

Within direct marketing strategies, it is common to offer some type of reward in exchange for the action you expect from your consumers. A common example is offering valuable material to your audience, such as downloadable information and free trials, in exchange for them signing up on your web platform with their email. In this way, you can increase your list of leads to start a conversion process and increase sales opportunities.

But you can not only use the subscription to get leads. Other actions that companies often ask for in exchange for these rewards as part of their direct marketing strategies are following the brand on social media, referring their friends, and answering surveys . In exchange, some common rewards are loyalty points with gifts, discount coupons, and free shipping. The key is to offer a stimulus according to the action we are requesting, so that the client feels that the exchange is worth it.

Drive your customers through a sales funnel with direct marketing

Defining the purchase process that your customers will go through before conversion is an excellent way to formulate strategies. By applying the basics of direct marketing, you can obtain information on your customers’ interactions in each phase. As a result, you will be able to customize the next stage to create a greater affinity for the brand. In addition, you increase the feeling of urgency, offer additional benefits or any other tactic to achieve the conversion.

Obtaining information in real time, the formulation of sales funnels in conjunction with direct response campaigns, stands out among direct marketing strategies. One of the most common applications of these strategies is to persuade the consumer to go to a point of sale, be it physical or digital. For this, it is necessary to strongly incentivize, since it not only implies a transaction, but also an effort on the part of the recipient.