Top highlights which force you to watch “April okatiVidudala” movie online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Shobhana, Mallikarjun Rao, Jayalalitha, ChidatalaApparao, Krishna Baghavan, etc.

Story, Screenplay & Direction:Vamsi

Dialogues: L.B. Sriram

Music: Ilayaraja

Cinematography: M.V. Raghu

Produced by: P.V. Bhaskar Reddy on the banner of PoornaTeja Creations & Sri Sravanthi movies presentation

The OTT platform, which came nowadays, is facilitating to watch online Telugu movies, which were missed in theatres.  You can watch movies HD quality in the OTT platform, both online and offline.  Aha OTT platform came with exclusive Telugu movies.  Some masterpieces and some terrific comedy movies, which came decades ago, are luckily available at aha.  In this sense, a nostalgic feel-good comedy movie April OkatiVidudala now available in aha ott platform.  So, we can see it in HD format and get awesome humor.  Let’s check the highlights and story plot of the movie.


The movie April OkatiVidudalacame early 1990’s, when was Rajendra Prasad ruling the Telugu Film Industry as a comedy hero with his mark terrific humorous acting and timing.  The movie released on 1st February 1991 and got a very big success.  Shobhana was played the female lead in the movie.  The perfectionist Director Vamsi directed the movie with his mark comedy.


The Story of April OkatiVidudala is around the love story between a cunning Hero and a sincere heroine.  Divakaram (Rajendra Prasad), who aims to do his work anyways by telling lies to others.  He works as a wedding photographer and has a video parlor.  He falls in love with Bhuvaneswari (Shobana) in marriage while he is doing wedding videography and then proposed to her.  But, she rejects him, as he is telling lies for his selfishness.  However, Divakaram follows Bhuvaneswari continuously and trying to convince her about his love.  Bhuvaneswari wants to relief from his love proposal and planned to make a bet with him.  She proposed bets with himthat if he avoids lies and speaks only truths to others for one month, i.e., from March 1st to 31st successfully, she will accept the love of Divakaram.  He also accepted that bet with Bhuvaneswari, then started to live with truths only.  That onwards starts the movie’s terrific comedy and entertainment.  Divakaram lives with lies only, but how he lives with truths for one month?  How he deals live with this critical condition?  What situations did he face in his life for that 30 days?  What he experienced in those 30 days?  Is he succeeded in his love?  What happened in the climax?  The answers will see on the screen in the movie only.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “April OkatiVidudala” movie online:

Many blockbuster hits came in the combo of Rajendra Prasad and DirectorVamsi.  The movie became a masterpiece in Rajendra Prasad’s film career.  His mark comedy with typical hilarious characterization as Divakaram will give you much fun.

Shobhana shares the screen with Rajendra Prasad was appeared perfect pair.  She has shown a typical attitude of some girls on screen.

All the ingredients added in the movie, but the ingredient of comedy will be higher in the movie.

Director Vamsi is an expert to do movies like this.  His mark comedy entertained all the audience irrespective of age.

Click here to Telugu movies watch online.Character artists Mallikarjun Rao, Kallu Chidambaram, etc. are played their respective roles very well.  They gave higher comedy with their performance.

Ilayaraja gave music with memorable songs like “Chukkaluthemmannathenchuku rana.”  His background score elevated the emotional scenes and given more fun to comedy scenes.

Finally: April OkatiVidudala, a movie, which should not be missed in life.  Even though you are in frustration, the movie’s fun elements will bring you into a fun mood.  If you missed the movie, you should feel it is an opportunity to watch movies online, as it available on the aha OTT platform now.

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